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Jun 23, 2010


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In case you are not aware of them, try the short stories and novels by Joseph Conrad for great examples of good English writing by an author who was not a native English speaker (he was born to Polish parents in Kiev).

Jakub Petrykowski

Ironically, I read Polish translations of some of Conrad's works in high school as part of Polish language class (which is traditionally combined with literature class). At that time I didn't know how much I can lose by reading translated works. Shame.

Thanks for an interesting pointer, Aaron.

Jakub Petrykowski

I tried reading "Lord Jim" in English. I couldn't.

I can hardly understand its language. The author uses many rare adjectives and nouns I have never seen before. I need to carefully decipher the meaning of each sentence. Perhaps it is a well written book, but I found it to be extremely unpleasant to read.

I liked Tolkien's works a lot, especially "Silmarillion" which I only read in English (as opposed to his other books which I read in Polish first). It seemed well written and the presence of older English language and rare words somehow wasn't a nuisance. Hm.

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