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Sep 30, 2010


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Kamil Rudnicki

Great post. From my two years of expirience I confirm that this is true :) I also recommend Silva Mind Control course.


Yay - update! :p

Do you do Yoga?

Interesting that Dalai Lama went to a predomninantly Catholic country, but then the Pope was in Scotland recently! :o)
Was it a packed session?

When will you commence your travel journey?

Jakub Petrykowski


Can you write a bit more about this Silva Method? Why do you recommend it, what's your experience with it?


Yeah, Dalai Lama is quite popular here, and there were definitely more people interested than seats available (~6000).

I never tried yoga, but I will probably try after I come back from my trip; I know someone who's been doing it (also teaching) and I think I'll give it a shot :)

Big news is I depart this Thursday! I go to Prague first, and then to Melnik close to Prague where a good friend of mine lives. From there we'll see. If I write about it, I'll let you know on this blog where it happens; haven't decided yet.

Suddenly I only have 2 days to finalize some things I couldn't decide on, and lack of time brings great clarity of mind and motivation :)


Meditation does indeed give us more control over our emotions. For one, it allows us to objectively see a negative thought and realize that cultivating such thoughts is harmful to "me." This mindfulness is key to reducing a lot of the mental strife we go through on a daily basis - regardless of the "practice" if your meditation helps you achieve such clarity then you are on the right track.


Meditation helps to improve your quality of life and treat various psychological issues related to anger and stress management. Listen to Podcast of Dr. Robert Puff, Licensed Clinical Psychologist to improve these issues.

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