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Nov 23, 2010


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I stopped doing that several years ago when I realized that it's more effective and real, not to mention credible since the action is supported by "evidence", when one only informs mid-way through it or after the act is done. So the reactions I am getting these days are: "How come you didn't mention about this before?", "Yeah, you have always been mysterious in what you are up to...". I cannot deny that sometimes it's satisfying to see their incredulous / in-awe / shocked expressions. :P

So it sounds like you didn't enjoy your short trip and don't plan to travel anytime soon anymore :(

Jakub Petrykowski

Hey Jo!

When they say 'how come you didn't mention it before' or the like, what emotions do they express?

As for the trip -- I may still go somewhere where it's warm and beautiful... but I won't go abroad for the sake of "discovering cultures" and moving from one place to another any time soon.... unless I have good company (and travelling with this company is the key). :)

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