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Nov 06, 2010


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Dowsn't work on Android stock browser. Looks pretty ugly!;P

Jakub Petrykowski


Re: Android -- what phone & OS version are you using?

Interestingly enoigh, the app does work on my Nexus One browser, but it's very clumsy (current UI sucks at this screen size) and it's mostly luck that it does; I didn't try it on the phone until I finished the current version :)


Hi Kuba,

I just wonder: did you see tiddlywiki ?

Jakub Petrykowski


No, I haven't seen it before. I tried it now. Neat piece of software, though its main assumption is to have a local only web app. I think it would help them spread the idea if their main website had a link to a hosted version (some smart way of having it separate for each user) :)

Why have you brought it up?
- Have you tried it?
- What relation do you see of TiddlyWiki to the prototype I launched yesterday?

What do you think of my prototype itself?


I just thought you are trying to achieve something similar to tiddlywiki.

I use it along with dropbox and it has proven to be quite handy.

Rizwan Ahmad

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