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Jan 20, 2011


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Wiktor Dolecki

I agree with this, but I'm wondering what do you think about overoptimistic attitudes of people in many cases?



First thing to do: identify the true nature of people with whom you live. In most cases it'll be pesimists (either yer family or friends).

If that's the case: evacuation! Start by making your home an asylum from the grim-pessimistic-life-sucking environment.

Jakub Petrykowski


I watched the video. This is a description of the worst kind of self-help industry, the part around New Age, "law of attraction", "The Secret" and other dangerous junk.

I met only one person in the past year that had similar beliefs and seemed to truly be exactly in that kind of a world, but this person's experience was religious in nature (the guy got very sick, experienced a temporary improvement a day or two after a sect-like 'holy spirit' event, and decided God exists and faith can cure him; it didn't cure him so far, but he is now completely blinded and at the same time - imagine this - still pessimistic and very worried there's still little improvement).

I don't see much of this attitude around me, and I think it has little to do with optimism & pessimism.

As for the statements about "my thoughts exert influence over the world", this is very true and there is plenty of scientific evidence of this, thought not in the sense of "I think of health and money and a few weeks later they magically come to me". Our attitudes affect emotions, beliefs and reactions of other people, which in turn affect our own experience. Effects like emotional contagion, effectiveness of smiling in social encounters, explanatory style etc. are all scientifically proven phenomena.

Of course if someone puts it to the extreme and starts believing that ALL they need to do is repeat in their thoughts "I want to be rich, I want power!", then one might expect trouble :) but again, I have not yet seen this kind of disconnect from reality in any of the people I talked to.

But maybe this exists somewhere... The person in the talk describes this phenomenon based on American corporate world.

Have you ever met anyone with such a delusional attitude? :)

@Igor: yeah, and for most people it's just very difficult to set any kind of new boundaries between them and their families!

Jakub Petrykowski

I have been thinking through some of my claims here, and I am no longer convinced that statement 3. is true ("because of 1. and 2. everyone wants to be around optimists").

I suspect there might be some people (presumably hardcore pessimists) who can't stand being around optimists too much, just as many optimists tend to avoid pessimists.

I am obviously not sure about the magnitude of what's said in statement no 7 ("many people spend their life without a single optimist around them") - in other words, I am almost certain there must be people like this, but I don't know how many or even how to test for it.

The point of that statement was that if someone's closest social network consists of pessimists only, it is a sad situation and one which might completely prevent significant positive changes in their lives for the lack of inspiration and encouragement.

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