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Apr 05, 2011


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Kamil Rudnicki

Great post. How do you know you are less productive?

Jakub Petrykowski


When there's too much on my plate, I start spinning my wheels.

Primarily it means that decisions required to make progress get delayed.

I may also get distracted more often.

See also my post on distractions: http://blog.petrykowski.net/2010/08/mental-work-focus-distractions.html

In that sense, every emotionally intense project is a distraction to all others projects; attaining focus is harder; my thoughts tend to jump between the projects and I worry a bit here, a bit there, instead of solving one puzzle at a time. As if the brain didn't know that these areas of my life are to be kept separate :)



Yet still... what to do if I just *have to* handle 2+ such projects at a time?

Jakub Petrykowski


I'm careful not to suggest generic solutions for a situation when someone has too much on his plate. I have found some ways to deal with this kind of situation, but I'm not sure they will work for anyone else.

With that in mind, here are some ideas:
- above all else, it is important that I recognize the situation -- I need to be aware that there are several difficult things to handle in the next few days or weeks
- whenever I can't move forward / finalize something today but it keeps bugging me, I use calendar. I say to myself "alright, next action for this is X, and the earliest date when I'll be able to do something about it is Y, now stop thinking about it". A typical example is a decision that requires meeting with someone that I just can't have today.
- about decision making: as long as I keep getting new input and new perspectives, it's fine to delay them. But when I have been having identical doubts for a few hours / days, often interrupted with other duties, it's time to set aside a day just to make the decision - any decision.

Does this answer your question?

Relationship Consultant

Very Interesting. yah, those were the things I consider as emotionally intense. It could break my day.Thanks for the share!! I enjoyed it.

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