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Feb 05, 2013


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Igor Mróz

Getting back to meditation (and finally watching the other materials you've sent me) was "red" on my ToDo list already, so this entry (+my slight "emotional breakdown" last week) has become an impulse to get back to the topic.

After two days:
- there *might* be some effect, I'm not sure though if it's meditation or just a good feeling like: "hey, once again you're succesful in doing what you've promised yourself, despite all of this being a pain in the neck"
- man, 15 minutes seems like ages. A cheat technique: approx 10 minutes with closed eyes and full focus, and then 5 minutes wth eyes open and 95% of focus works a bit better for me. For some reason no clock around and closed eyes drives me crazy

Will keep u posted.

Jakub Petrykowski

Hey Igor. Thanks for sharing your experience with us here :)

Yeah, 15 minutes is sooo long for us technofreaks.

I set an alarm for 15 minutes and turn off the ringer on my phone.

How can you meditate with open eyes? To me visual distraction is just too much for now... unless I sit in front of a blank wall perhaps.

I'd be careful about consequences of meditation over just a few days :) The shortest "programs" I am aware of consist of 2-4 weeks of daily practice. Ideally you'd meditate until the end of your life (that is what some people preach!)

Like you wrote -- keep us posted.

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